MF/MB/ is not the sound of Malmö, Stockholm, Berlin or New York, or any other place considered to be hip, progressive and associated with great music. MF/MB/ is and always will be the sound of Bollnäs. It may not be what the inhabitants of Bollnäs would refer to as the sound of their home town, but in the band's opinion it is. MF/MB/ was founded there five years ago, in the north of Sweden, and they initially gained a fair dose of attention for their chaotic live shows - heavily influenced by the canadian indie scene. trumpets, accordions, tons of different percussion, eight people on stage, pretty much like arcade fire, yeah.

Eventually MF/MB/ realized that since they were all truly unhappy, and most likely to remain so, there was just no point in playing happy music. So they started digging for something else. After endless hours in the rehearsal room, and after getting rid of a couple of band members who "just didn't get it", a new and more honest sound started to evolve. They increased the electronic elements with laptops and sequencers in the lead, new drummer was told to play like a drum machine, etc etc. And in early fall 2007, MF/MB/ left Bollnäs for Malmö which of course also had some impact on the band's music. They'd always seen ambivalence as a bad thing but around this time they learned to accept and even embrace it. MF/MB/ now sounded like rock music that wants to be techno, like techno that wants to be rock music, like anything that wants to be anything else anywhere else and there was nothing wrong with that, nothing to feel ashamed about.

MF/MB/ is countryside and city streets, it’s woods and concrete, cigarettes and alcohol, hope and despair, clubs and saunas and motorways, MF/MB/ is sex and no sex and endless studio sessions. it's the euphoria of being booked to gigs in Berlin as 17 year olds, the thrill of going on tour with bands such as The Sounds, !!! and The Faint, the pride of playing at festivals like Roskilde and Hultsfred, and the devastating hopelessness in trying to enjoy anything other than that in life.

MF/MB/ is self confidence and bad conscience. lack of money, good looks, mental breakdowns and forgiveness. never looking back, always doing the same mistakes. It’s about stupid FAQ:s in interviews - “Christine, how do you feel about being the only girl in the band?” – and the inability to give the answers those questions deserve. MF/MB/ is a thousand compromises from a million ideas. It’s about filling up empty holes by creating new ones. It’s about staying alive by playing live, the oxygen on stage, the eyes of the audience, the handclaps and the shouts, the fear and the anxiety, the pain and the relief.

MF/MB/ is guitars, drums, bass, synthesizers, vocals and computers, but most of all it’s Victor Nilsson, Joakim Lindberg, Sebastian Hedberg, Christine Björk and Erik Nilsson, making the best music they know.

Their debut album "Folded" was released in 2010 to high critical acclaim, both in Scandinavia as well as in Germany and North America. Tours followed, with countless gigs all around in Europe - days and weeks of uninterrupted peace of mind. If they could they would have gone on like that forever.


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